Gift Cards

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Tired of setting your alarm, stalking updates, only to get cart-jacked? We have the solution!

A Lollipop Yarn gift card is good for 1 ball of Lollipop Yarn (with matching heel/toe), shipping included in the U.S! The perfect gift for the yarnie in your life, or you, of course.
And here’s the best part – just peruse any Lollipop sneak preview at your leisure and message the Lollipop Elves with your selection. No update stalking, no cart jacking!
Just $39.99, shipping included in the U.S.
Available for a limited time only. Get yours here – it’s good for an entire year!

The card can be shipped directly to you, or to a separate address – just add it in the comments.

Join us for the next update on January 1st, 2017! The sneak previews will be out on Ravelry and at Lollipop Yarn by December 26th.  Gift cards can be used at this time, or at any time during 2017.